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1840 is now (finally) in production.

18NL, 1858, 1847 AE, and 1868 Wyoming are now in alpha.

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18xx.games is a website where you can play async or real-time 18xx games (based on the system originally devised by the brilliant Francis Tresham)! If you are new to 18xx games then Shikoku 1889, 18Chesapeake, or 18MS are good games to begin with.

You can play locally with hot seat mode without an account. If you want to play multiplayer, you'll need to create an account.

If you look at other people's games, you can make moves to play around but it won't affect them and changes won't be saved. You can clone games in the tools tab and then play around locally.

In multiplayer games, you'll also be able to make moves for other players, this is so people can say 'pass me this SR' and you don't need to wait. To use this feature in a game, enable "Master Mode" in the Tools tab. Please use it politely!

Active Games

Game: Shikoku 1889
Owner: TestamentFan1973
Id: 136689
Description: train game!
Round: Operating 11
Updated: 04:15:51
Game: The Old Prince 1871
Owner: Boy_314
Id: 136655
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 04:12:24
Game: 1817NA
Owner: Boy_314
Id: 136677
Round: Merger 2
Updated: 04:10:58
Game: 18Chesapeake
Owner: gjx
Id: 136666
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 04:07:35
Game: 1880
Owner: ChrisShaffer
Id: 136669
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 04:06:18
Game: 18MEX
Owner: KaosDwarf
Id: 136651
Optional Rules: Baja Variant; Hard rust
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 03:49:41
Game: 1822MRS
Owner: twotwotrainer
Id: 136688
Description: private
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 03:46:07
Game: Shikoku 1889
Owner: DonJeetz
Id: 136656
Description: 18xx World Tour
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 03:29:57
Game: 1846
Owner: Conductor
Id: 136684
Description: T11 R5 G5
Round: Draft 1
Updated: 03:14:44
Game: 1817
Owner: damana
Id: 136670
Description: Fast. US-Timezones. Please only join if you will make multiple (5+) MpD
Optional Rules: Volatility Expansion
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 03:03:15
Game: 18NY
Owner: djanyreason
Id: 136674
Optional Rules: Immediate Capitalization Round
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 02:23:56
Game: 1882
Owner: cactus
Id: 136679
Description: Saskatchewan!
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 00:19:30

Finished Games

Game: 1817
Owner: Ariel
Id: 136672
Description: Moscow rules (2hrs then player decide)
Optional Rules: Volatility Expansion
Result: daroj 1635, K8RPY 1277, Ariel 1242, thinkrealhard 1235
Ended: 01:55:52
Game: 1846
Owner: CountVonBlucher
Id: 136649
Description: Live, Fast Game
Result: petersoncr1 6616, Båtsman 5096, jonflagg 4651, CountVonBlucher 4260
Ended: 22:19:47
Game: 1846
Owner: CountVonBlucher
Id: 136644
Description: Live, Fast Game
Result: petersoncr1 400, CountVonBlucher 400, jonflagg 400, RUHAPPYNOW 400
Ended: 20:47:21
Game: 1830
Owner: n_lidstrom
Id: 136634
Optional Rules: Buy Multiple Brown Shares From IPO
Result: olmestig 8880, sven 8332, n_lidstrom 8271, Drainman 4689
Ended: 20:34:01
Game: 1822MX
Owner: oddman
Id: 136641
Description: 18cactides
Result: wheresvic 4489, Vecna 4115, oddman 2450
Ended: 19:53:25
Game: 1846 2p Variant
Owner: Marius
Id: 136637
Description: NL vs Slovenië
Result: Marius 12946, Arnaudv 11337
Ended: 19:41:02
Game: 1850
Owner: Martin2D
Id: 136606
Result: Martin2D 525, ventusignis 525, Jowzer (He/Him) 525, SleekOtter 525
Ended: 14:52:09
Game: Shikoku 1889
Owner: Hrafnkel
Id: 136575
Result: 893 6211, Satori 5664, Hrafnkel 1928
Ended: 2023-10-02
Game: 18Tokaido
Owner: K8RPY
Id: 136578
Description: Live and quick
Optional Rules: Snake Draft
Result: Kroomiester_Avi 4697, K8RPY 3445, Random Guy 3052
Ended: 2023-10-02
Game: 1822PNW
Owner: edhew
Id: 136569
Description: 2 hours live then async
Result: Frank 7769, edhew 6075, Eric_Tama 5718
Ended: 2023-10-02
Game: 1846
Owner: CommodoreVanDerWin
Id: 136556
Description: Live, Fast
Result: Båtsman 7308, CommodoreVan... 5944, jonflagg 5912, ventusignis 4883
Ended: 2023-10-01
Game: 1846 2p Variant
Owner: CommodoreVanDerWin
Id: 136557
Description: Live, Fast
Result: ventusignis 12292, CommodoreVan... 11015
Ended: 2023-10-01