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18xx.games is a website where you can play async or real-time 18xx games (based on the system originally devised by the brilliant Francis Tresham)! If you are new to 18xx games then Shikoku 1889, 18Chesapeake, or 18MS are good games to begin with.

You can play locally with hot seat mode without an account. If you want to play multiplayer, you'll need to create an account.

If you look at other people's games, you can make moves to play around but it won't affect them and changes won't be saved. You can clone games in the tools tab and then play around locally.

In multiplayer games, you'll also be able to make moves for other players, this is so people can say 'pass me this SR' and you don't need to wait. To use this feature in a game, enable "Master Mode" in the Tools tab. Please use it politely!

Active Games

Game: 1822
Owner: Avemo3
Id: 105424
Description: Edhew Special (aka live for 3 hours, then async, 3p 22+)
Optional Rules: 1822+
Round: Stock 9
Updated: 04:36:47
Game: 1822PNW
Owner: edhew
Id: 105433
Description: async
Players: MadCity, Avemo3, edhew
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 04:35:24
Game: 1846
Owner: Zachariacd
Id: 105404
Round: Operating 5
Updated: 04:34:41
Game: 1822MX
Owner: jackietreehorn
Id: 105416
Description: Fast Async GMT-5
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 04:32:43
Game: 1846
Owner: GeekNightsRym
Id: 105430
Description: Knives Out
Round: Draft 1
Updated: 04:17:52
Game: 18EU
Owner: todvp
Id: 105412
Description: gmt -8 async
Optional Rules: Another Extra 3 Train; Extra 3 Train
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 04:16:47
Game: 1846 2p Variant
Owner: whamblen
Id: 105429
Description: Saturday
Optional Rules: Guarantee 2E and C&O
Players: whamblen, plinkb
Round: Draft 0
Updated: 04:01:42
Game: 18Chesapeake
Owner: mikrochips
Id: 105421
Round: Stock 5
Updated: 03:46:52
Game: 1866
Owner: Cthompson
Id: 105423
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 03:08:43
Game: 18USA
Owner: thepiemancer
Id: 105406
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 01:48:46
Game: 1817
Owner: Jeff86
Id: 105420
Description: Brewer #9
Round: Operating 1
Updated: 01:42:13
Game: Shikoku 1889
Owner: stoi
Id: 105407
Players: stoi, sauebond1
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 22:38:57

Finished Games

Game: 1822
Owner: edhew
Id: 105414
Description: 2 hours live then async
Optional Rules: 1822+
Result: Aui 11542, Bakken 7194, edhew 6359
Ended: 03:17:34
Game: 1846 2p Variant
Owner: CountVonBlucher
Id: 105415
Description: Live, Fast Game
Result: cutebeast 6515, CountVonBlucher 5006
Ended: 01:01:48
Game: 1822
Owner: edhew
Id: 105410
Description: 2 hours live then async
Optional Rules: 1822+
Result: Bakken 700, edhew 700, MadCity 700
Ended: 23:43:13
Game: 1830
Owner: Martin2D
Id: 105387
Result: Martin2D 6623, squiddy 4885, Tusio_CET 4044, Waffle 3611
Ended: 23:27:42
Game: 1846 2p Variant
Owner: Brett74
Id: 105383
Description: work day live
Result: Brett74 12331, mikrochips 7575
Ended: 22:18:29
Game: 1846
Owner: CountVonBlucher
Id: 105399
Description: Live, Fast Game
Result: KingZombie 8238, natep1098 6533, CountVonBlucher 5467, Crogoth 0
Ended: 21:46:13
Game: 1846
Owner: CountVonBlucher
Id: 105379
Description: Live, Fast Game
Result: CountVonBlucher 5711, daroj 5637, roffe 5387, natep1098 4484
Ended: 19:23:44
Game: 1822PNW
Owner: adam
Id: 105390
Result: adam 375, daroj 375, edhew 375, Moapmouth 375
Ended: 19:11:18
Game: 1830
Owner: Martin2D
Id: 105345
Result: Rexpress 1332, thesureman 1282, Martin2D 933, Guy Samstag 572
Ended: 18:26:13
Game: 1817
Owner: Alyn151
Id: 105354
Description: Volatility Expansion
Result: biggoofyguy 180, Alyn151 180, re76 180, rchristie 180, Stephen.Whit... 180, tfrancis30 180, wasmoo 180
Ended: 16:53:57
Game: 1822MRS
Owner: Tinman-D
Id: 105349
Result: johnnieb 16369, Tinman-D 15214
Ended: 16:52:37
Game: 1862
Owner: gd_korea
Id: 105348
Description: 1862, Open, 1:1, Live
Result: gd_korea 22958, petersoncr1 20341
Ended: 16:36:51