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18xx.games is a website where you can play async or real-time 18xx games (based on the system originally devised by the brilliant Francis Tresham)! If you are new to 18xx games then 1889, 18Chesapeake, or 18MS are good games to begin with.

You can play locally with hot seat mode without an account. If you want to play multiplayer, you'll need to create an account.

If you look at other people's games, you can make moves to play around but it won't affect them and changes won't be saved. You can clone games in the tools tab and then play around locally.

In multiplayer games, you'll also be able to make moves for other players, this is so people can say 'pass me this SR' and you don't need to wait. To use this feature in a game, enable "Master Mode" in the Tools tab. Please use it politely!

Active Games

Game: 18MS
Owner: RShannon888
Id: 64537
Players: RShannon888, thepiemancer
Round: Operating 1
Updated: 00:47:07
Game: 1846
Owner: CountVonBlucher
Id: 64535
Description: Live, Fast Game
Players: jonflagg, CountVonBlucher, DrAwesome, Moapmouth
Round: Operating 2
Updated: 01:38:03
Game: 1846
Owner: philcampeau
Id: 64534
Description: Mtl
Optional Rules: Guarantee 2E and C&O
Players: Eonthar, philcampeau, ynottony105, badlywho, Jasonbartfast
Round: Draft 1
Updated: 00:29:21
Game: 1846 2p Variant
Owner: DookTibs
Id: 64524
Description: TK '46 Dec 8 2021
Players: WMDad, DookTibs
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 22:49:17
Game: 1861
Owner: herb
Id: 64523
Description: Async, 4-5 Players, Red, Red, Wine
Players: MelboBaggins, MalcD, SwanofTrumpeter, herb, jonflagg
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 01:13:58
Game: 1870
Owner: Landwolf
Id: 64521
Description: Boats are river trains
Players: CowboyinAmerica, bd9, Landwolf, UncleNephew, esimonoff
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 01:30:42
Game: 1882
Owner: 12thManStanding
Id: 64520
Description: Live Play Open Seats
Players: tertel, Moapmouth, Krongar, 12thManStanding
Round: Operating 7
Updated: 01:38:09
Game: 1862
Owner: lera
Id: 64508
Players: lera, Karvailo, vpt
Round: Stock 3
Updated: 21:07:46
Game: 18ZOO - Map C
Owner: hyperhopper
Id: 64507
Description: Into to fever dreams
Optional Rules: Powers visible
Players: hyperhopper, larioj, Tampy
Round: Draft 1
Updated: 20:13:00
Game: 1817
Owner: jazzfish
Id: 64503
Description: slow and/or steady
Players: ProphetOfCod, misterallen, Utilitarian, jazzfish
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 23:41:25
Game: 18Chesapeake
Owner: Akke
Id: 64500
Players: JeroentH, IMvD79, teiz, Akke
Round: Stock 6
Updated: 21:34:00
Game: 1846 2p Variant
Owner: ChugChug
Id: 64496
Description: 2p async for 2-3 days
Players: twotwotraine..., ChugChug
Round: Draft 0
Updated: 01:14:33

Finished Games

Game: 1822
Owner: daroj
Id: 64506
Description: Live fast - Please don't join if you're playing another live game
Optional Rules: 1822+
Result: potaesarat 12174, daroj 11987, Koowai 10626, hubbs 7187
Ended: 23:53:01
Game: 1822
Owner: daroj
Id: 64502
Description: Fast live then asynch - please no one playing 2 games at once
Optional Rules: 1822+
Result: daroj 525, hubbs 525, Koowai 525, potaesarat 525
Ended: 19:57:50
Game: 18Mag
Owner: dereklong101
Id: 64499
Description: Hungary for more
Optional Rules: Standard Dividends
Result: Jo whitehead 3992, dereklong101 3598
Ended: 21:58:14
Game: 18CZ
Id: 64497
Description: PRIVATE NI
Result: GCOLHOUN 6488, Burbage 5667, slb_000 5270
Ended: 22:48:14
Game: 1846
Owner: Moapmouth
Id: 64492
Description: Live Fast
Result: CountVonBlucher 6651, Xero 6451, cutebeast 5184, tertel 4454, Moapmouth 4287
Ended: 22:54:52
Game: 1846
Owner: CountVonBlucher
Id: 64469
Description: Live, Fast Game
Result: Erwin 5222, CountVonBlucher 3399, Moapmouth 3336, SinisterMrSm... 1664
Ended: 18:52:37
Game: 1846
Owner: Xero
Id: 64462
Description: Open - Live
Result: petersoncr1 8764, Moapmouth 8487, Xero 6515, notacceptabl... 4662
Ended: 17:37:40
Game: 18Chesapeake: Off the Rails
Owner: DippyDog
Id: 64455
Description: TUGGY
Result: DippyDog 2676, Tuggy 1529
Ended: 20:22:40
Game: 1846
Owner: Xero
Id: 64451
Description: Open - Live
Result: Amau 7699, cutebeast 7086, Xero 5582, SinisterMrSm... 3607
Ended: 15:30:07
Game: 1846 2p Variant
Owner: potaesarat
Id: 64447
Optional Rules: Guarantee 2E and C&O
Result: potaesarat 13155, takeru78 9008
Ended: 15:49:37
Game: 1846
Owner: Xero
Id: 64444
Description: Open - Live - Fast
Result: Amau 400, Xero 400, DrAwesome 400, cutebeast 400
Ended: 13:55:17
Game: 1822MRS
Owner: Ivy
Id: 64443
Optional Rules: Advanced
Result: Ivy 11413, kirago 9289, faithfulwolf 8769
Ended: 16:19:54