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18xx.games is a website where you can play async or real-time 18xx games (based on the system originally devised by the brilliant Francis Tresham)! If you are new to 18xx games then 1889, 18Chesapeake, or 18MS are good games to begin with.

You can play locally with hot seat mode without an account. If you want to play multiplayer, you'll need to create an account.

If you look at other people's games, you can make moves to play around but it won't affect them and changes won't be saved. You can clone games in the tools tab and then play around locally.

In multiplayer games, you'll also be able to make moves for other players, this is so people can say 'pass me this SR' and you don't need to wait. To use this feature in a game, enable "Master Mode" in the Tools tab. Please use it politely!

Active Games

Game: 1849: Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
Owner: RobbieT
Id: 59620
Description: OPEN Async Game (EST preferred)
Players: RobbieT, richard, craggybackhand, SwanofTrumpeter, yoyoson
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 04:54:45
Game: 1822MRS
Owner: Trigo
Id: 59619
Description: ASync, multi-move daily, 3 players, US CST
Players: Titanrich, PeteCal, Trigo
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 03:23:11
Game: 18Chesapeake: Off the Rails
Owner: RobbieT
Id: 59618
Description: OPEN Async Game (EST preferred)
Players: RobbieT, 12thManStanding, yoyoson, xyz
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 06:33:49
Game: 1849
Owner: Shallow Pawn
Id: 59614
Description: The Post-apocalyptic Rematch
Players: Shallow Pawn, benthielmann, lukejames
Round: Operating 2
Updated: 04:36:19
Game: 1830
Owner: Kukko
Id: 59612
Description: Async, at least a couple moves a day please and use SR auto orders whenever possible. EU time zones preferred but everyone's welcome if you don't lag.
Optional Rules: Buy Multiple Brown Shares From IPO
Players: chanmancan, onmine33, Kukko, Timpe
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 09:53:08
Game: 1830
Owner: Kukko
Id: 59611
Description: Async, fast players please. Play at least a couple moves per day and use SR auto orders when possible.
Optional Rules: Buy Multiple Brown Shares From IPO
Players: Bearcat89, Timpe, 2mths, pampy, Kukko
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 11:11:15
Game: 1846
Owner: Jonsered
Id: 59610
Description: Very fast async, EU time zone. Enable notification and normally play your turn every couple of hours in EU daytime. Also use auto pass and auto buys actively.
Players: onmine33, Kukko, Jonsered, Xuan, Timpe
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 09:49:33
Game: 1846
Owner: rvaVandal
Id: 59609
Description: Open Async 3+ Moves a day GMT -5
Players: rvaVandal, twotwotraine..., Eggson, Krongar
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 05:08:06
Game: 1870
Owner: rvaVandal
Id: 59608
Description: Open Async 3+ Moves a day GMT -5
Players: rvaVandal, Krongar, 12thManStanding, Bundyman
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 20:45:58
Game: 1846
Owner: Capt_Neb
Id: 59606
Players: Capt_Neb, ReverseMerman, Snooberry
Round: Draft 1
Updated: 23:46:34
Game: 1889
Owner: Eggson
Id: 59605
Description: Asynch, US timezones, 1-2+ moves a day preferred
Players: Krongar, texasjdl, Eggson, craggybackhand
Round: Operating 2
Updated: 05:44:13
Game: 1849
Owner: kraasn
Id: 59604
Description: 🤌
Optional Rules: Delay IFT
Players: yogarshi, washishawn, kraasn
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 10:51:09

Finished Games

Game: 1846
Owner: NZL
Id: 59649
Description: 1846 live 2h
Result: bob_w 2122, djhoffman 1160, petersoncr1 1085, NZL 867
Ended: 04:18:25
Game: 1889
Owner: Dango
Id: 59645
Description: YYC
Result: Sketchy 5070, cinderblock 5023, Charlotte 4545, Dango 4274
Ended: 03:57:05
Game: 1846
Owner: NZL
Id: 59644
Description: Live 2h
Result: NZL 400, bob_w 400, Krongar 400, petersoncr1 400
Ended: 02:25:31
Game: 18 Tokaido
Owner: tvahlsing
Id: 59643
Result: WyoBadger 6235, tvahlsing 4600
Ended: 01:46:34
Game: 1840
Owner: Frank
Id: 59638
Description: Couple hours live, finish async
Optional Rules: 3P small map
Result: daroj 10712, Frank 10205, Varthlokur 9468
Ended: 03:06:40
Game: 18 Los Angeles
Owner: tvahlsing
Id: 59636
Result: tvahlsing 11365, WyoBadger 11164
Ended: 00:54:27
Game: 1862
Owner: oddman
Id: 59600
Description: 18norfolk
Optional Rules: Long Length
Result: oddman 10570, Boris 9903, Elayne 7185, Vecna 6919
Ended: 20:41:53
Game: 1846
Owner: NZL
Id: 59592
Description: One more live 2h, 4-5 players
Result: Erwin 8151, NZL 7770, Type051 5732, MadAlrik 2695
Ended: 18:41:04
Game: 1862
Owner: havu
Id: 59588
Description: Tre-22
Result: Isku 8981, Ketopia 8657, havu 7712
Ended: 18:31:43
Game: 1822
Owner: PeteC66
Id: 59584
Description: 1822! Fast! Live!!
Result: edhew 8768, Meiotta 6224, PeteC66 4221
Ended: 18:36:03
Game: 1846
Owner: NZL
Id: 59577
Description: Live 2 hrs
Result: cutebeast 9472, Type051 8727, NZL 6543, AndyPy 6244
Ended: 15:26:20
Game: 1836Jr30
Owner: Wassyl
Id: 59570
Result: Przemek 8713, Wassyl 7690
Ended: 22:04:14