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18xx.games is a website where you can play async or real-time 18xx games (based on the system originally devised by the brilliant Francis Tresham)! If you are new to 18xx games then 1889, 18Chesapeake, or 18MS are good games to begin with.

You can play locally with hot seat mode without an account. If you want to play multiplayer, you'll need to create an account.

If you look at other people's games, you can make moves to play around but it won't affect them and changes won't be saved. You can clone games in the tools tab and then play around locally.

In multiplayer games, you'll also be able to make moves for other players, this is so people can say 'pass me this SR' and you don't need to wait. To use this feature in a game, enable "Master Mode" in the Tools tab. Please use it politely!

Active Games

Game: 18Mag
Owner: Elayne
Id: 57118
Description: Niet werkende promo
Players: Fedor, Boris, Elayne, Vecna
Round: Operating 1
Updated: 18:28:07
Game: 1817
Owner: jrjacob
Id: 57116
Players: jrjacob, mweinberg29, deaconbluz, e1v15
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 18:01:54
Game: 1846
Owner: sreem
Id: 57112
Description: Open - Live - Fast
Players: Erwin, sreem, Kezerk, CountVonBlucher
Round: Stock 4
Updated: 18:27:48
Game: 1862
Owner: pence
Id: 57110
Description: well have I got a deal for you!!
Players: GeekNightsRym, pence, Apreche
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 17:18:16
Game: 1822
Owner: cutebeast
Id: 57106
Description: Fast Live
Optional Rules: 1822+
Players: cutebeast, Varthlokur, siraj
Round: Operating 6
Updated: 18:28:02
Game: 1849
Owner: Flinn
Id: 57105
Players: sir_1234, StuffThings, Flinn
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 17:42:18
Game: 1861
Owner: Jeff B
Id: 57103
Description: Standard 4 Player Async
Players: Sarah (She/Her), Jeff B, dmunoz, Brainbug
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 16:05:48
Game: 1870
Owner: Jeff B
Id: 57102
Description: Standard 4 Player Async
Players: Donkles, Akoewler, Volker18xx, Jeff B
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 15:50:26
Game: 1860
Owner: CthulhuDreams
Id: 57095
Description: Prestissimo
Optional Rules: 2-3P map
Players: silvergoose, CthulhuDreams
Round: Auction 1
Updated: 15:14:38
Game: 1846
Owner: OneThirdOfARug
Id: 57094
Description: N00bs, quick async
Players: Colemaninho, Dagrim, OneThirdOfARug, InvisibleKONY, rhedges22
Round: Draft 1
Updated: 16:34:27
Game: 18CZ
Owner: vpt
Id: 57093
Players: Karvailo, vpt, lera
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 18:26:04
Game: 1830
Owner: poggydude
Id: 57092
Description: Fast Asynch(More than a day lag on one player will have game deleted)
Optional Rules: Buy Multiple Brown Shares From IPO
Players: Jesterzeb, Karlhelborg, beginetienne, poggydude
Round: Stock 1
Updated: 16:51:25

Finished Games

Game: 1822MRS
Owner: MarcusBatty
Id: 57054
Description: pvt - The Virginia Creepers
Result: tmccorry 13015, MarcusBatty 9738, clinchfield ... 3514
Ended: 03:12:46
Game: 18FL
Owner: ChrisWhitpan
Id: 57053
Description: Monday Funday
Result: Kelly 10605, WyoBadger 9624, ChrisWhitpan 6454
Ended: 00:31:58
Game: 1849
Owner: AndyPy
Id: 57051
Optional Rules: Delay IFT
Result: AndyPy 1568, caffeine 507, Auixerre 0
Ended: 23:31:30
Game: 1846
Owner: Sportswood
Id: 57050
Description: Live Open
Result: Krongar 9177, mountains 7727, Sportswood 7381, SinisterMrSm... 6513
Ended: 01:50:06
Game: 18Chesapeake
Owner: Scott Nicholson
Id: 57048
Result: Scott Nicholson 8628, Doogle4602 6063
Ended: 00:41:06
Game: 1849
Owner: AndyPy
Id: 57044
Description: Real-time fast game
Optional Rules: Delay IFT
Result: caffeine 2301, AndyPy 1498, Auixerre 171
Ended: 22:41:40
Game: 1862
Owner: kaminski.2710
Id: 57037
Result: gregos 12612, Krzysztof 10664, melusina 7865, kaminski.2710 5105
Ended: 22:34:08
Game: 1867
Owner: hubbs
Id: 57035
Description: Brett Learns Shaun on Canadia
Optional Rules: Grid Stock Market
Result: hubbs 450, Breich 410
Ended: 18:06:11
Game: 1846
Owner: cutebeast
Id: 57033
Description: Fast Live
Result: cutebeast 8198, AndyPy 8185, Erwin 8127, Krongar 7064
Ended: 20:42:58
Game: 18Chesapeake
Id: 57029
Description: NIPRIVATE
Result: GCOLHOUN 5532, Bibsteenson 3113, Burbage 2528, Downsee 2414
Ended: 20:34:40
Game: 18Chesapeake
Owner: ChoZenWan
Id: 57026
Description: James won't win
Result: BadDad007 7934, ChoZenWan 7067, Yunn28 6496
Ended: 21:49:23
Game: 1846
Owner: CountVonBlucher
Id: 57022
Description: Live, Fast Game
Result: petersoncr1 7063, CountVonBlucher 6262, Erwin 5251, sreem 4524
Ended: 2021-09-20