About 18xx.Games

18xx.Games is created and maintained by Toby Mao. It is an open source project, and you can find the code on GitHub. All games are used with express written consent from their respective rights holders. You can find more information about the games on the wiki.

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Conduct Expectations

Be nice. Treat people with respect.

Privacy Policy

Upon your request and expression of consent, we collect the following data for the purpose of providing services to you. It is removed upon your request to terminate these services.

Email Addresses are collected in order to send notifications. These notifications can be disabled in the profile page. Emails are not publicly available and not shared to any 3rd party except when email notifications are enabled. Emails are sent using the Elastic Email service.

IP Addresses are collected when you use the site in order to prevent malicious behavior. These are not publicly available and not shared to any 3rd party.

Game Data is collected when you play a game and is needed for the game to function. Game Data is publicly available through the website interface and API. In-game messages are only visible to the players in the game (whether via the website or the API).

Local Storage is used to store local data like hot seat games and master mode. This can only be accessed by your device.

For questions or requests please file an issue on GitHub.

Special thanks to all the contributors.

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This website will always be open-source and free to play. If you'd like support this project, you can become a patron on Patreon.